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Contributed by: Mike
Publish date: August 11th, 2015

With every day Ecommerce is becoming more and more a necessity for retailers around the globe. Merchants are now competing not only with the local competition but with stores all over the world. In order to stay profitable, in today’s market, sellers need to adopt and start offering, selling their products on the internet. Internet is a very competitive place, and with so many e-market places enforcing tons of rules on to sellers, it is becoming almost impossible for smaller businesses to compete. Due to so much seller competition on the internet the prices for products are driven down, and on top of already low profit margins these big e-market places charge huge listing fees, commission fees, in some cases up to 20%, and all types of other fees. All these fees eat up at your profits./

Internet is a great place to sell things, but your price must be right. Shoppers turn to internet to save money and find the best deal possible. But if a market place erases all your profits how can you compete and be profitable?!?!!?

Well, good new – you are in the right place! I am happy to tell you that we here at OfferByU.com do things differently. We do not charge any commission. Let me repeat again: NO COMMISSION ON SALES, NO COMMISSION PERIOD!

Yes, you can sell as much as you like and still pay no commission on sales.

No restrictions. No limitations. No commission fees.

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