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Contributed by: Jane
Publish date: August 11th, 2015

In this article we want to inform you about how easy it is to post your online for sale listings or online classified ads on our website for free, and also advantages of listing your online classified ads on our website. First of all let us tell you how easy and free it is to post your internet classified ads on our site… We are proud to tell you that our system is very user friendly and it takes an average internet user less than 5 minutes to complete a classified ad listing. We spend a lot of time to better our system, by constantly thinking of a ways to make your life easier. Our system is design with the internet user in mind. Our goal is to put you, our web user, in to the driver sit by giving you more control over your online classified listings.

We also understand both internet buyers and internet seller, and what their wants and needs are when it comes to internet / online markets. Here at offerbyu.com we believe that since internet is a global environment then online markets should not have boundaries of the traditional sense. In our days, people from all corners of the globe use internet to advance commerce trades and activity across the entire world. Buyers and sellers connect with buyers and sellers from different regions to expend or in search for a better deal. We understand the need in these global markets to give internet traders an ability to sell, buy, or connect not only in one region, but in other places as well. For that reason, we developed our system so that when you post your classified ad with us you can pick multiple locations for your item. And for people who search, they can either search all locations or pick as many locations as they wish; for example as broad as an entire region / country or as specific as to a city, or any combination of those. Click here to start a new classified listing for free.

Here are some of the features that make us better:

  • Registration is optional. No need to be a registered user to post
  • Your email address is the primary method of communication between you and other visitors
  • You have an option to list or hide your email address from other visitors. But regardless you will never miss a message.
  • Other users will only use our form to communicate to you therefore they will not know your email address
  • You will be notified every time someone comments about your posting
  • You can post your listing in multiple cities / locations at ones
  • You pick how long you want your posting to be active
  • You will receive an email when your listing expires. You will be able to re-list your listing directly from that email.
  • You can always re-list your listing with one click, for any specific period of time.
  • You can place up to 10,000 listings per one account.
  • You can place your listing on our home page “Today Special” section at any time. Just pick a date if it is available then your ad will appear in our “Today Special” feature.

There are more other features and benefits that we offer, cannot remember them all – you’ll just have to find out for yourself. But the most important feature of all is that all classified ads and listings are free.

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