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Contributed by: Jane
Publish date: September 9th, 2015

Small Business – Big Ecommerce Headache!
Among the noise of major retailers and marketplaces, small businesses can struggle with understanding which marketplaces and platforms are best for their needs and can help them grow in a way that makes sense. But despite the concise understanding of goals and possible achievements, knowing where to turn and how to promote one’s goods and services may seem to be a difficult fete. Setting up a plan and making frequent adjustments can help small businesses develop a selling strategy that works well for their specific situations and sales goals.

Consider Your Competition

Major marketplaces continue to grow, offering sellers a large platform to sell their goods. But despite the convenience of major marketplaces that target millions of consumers, setting up one’s products on such a site can be time consuming and commissions can be very expensive, cutting into a small business owner’s profit. By taking advantage of smaller marketplaces, small businesses can feasibly take advantage of the consumers frequenting and shopping among those arenas, while gaining the support of a platform that can meet the specific needs of small businesses.

Start Smaller

Despite being small, businesses can still take advantage of marketplaces that meet their needs and display their goods and products to people actively seeking to buy and searching for specific products that a smaller business may be able to provide. By offering consumers a product on a smaller scale, prior to struggling with larger marketplaces and services, small businesses and begin improving their sales and overall business plan without hurting their overall budget and making detrimental, large scale mistakes by starting off with larger markets. Aiming for major marketplaces right from the start, small businesses may make mistakes that can hurt their bottom line in a big way. In contrast, starting with smaller platforms that offer support that is specific to small businesses can help curtail the financial impact that e-commerce mistakes that can accompany an e-commerce venture.

Small Business Support

Some major marketplaces may not be able to support the specific needs of a small business because of the technology, size and algorithms involved. Because many large marketplaces are so automated, the product pictures, feed, data and descriptions required can be time consuming for small businesses and the small number of employees working on such a project. Finding a platform that can support those needs is important when looking to expand online and utilize the world wide web to grow one’s business. By understanding one’s goals, searching for the right method of selling in order to meet those goals and starting on a smaller scale, small businesses can still take advantage of all the internet and e-commerce has to offer without all the risks and headache involved.

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