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Contributed by: Jane
Publish date: August 11th, 2015

You ask yourself, “Why no one visits my listings? Why no one buys from me?”. But what you need to be asking yourself is, “Would I visit my own listing? Would I click on my own item if I were a buyer?!?!?!”… So if you answer No or Maybe then you have a problem. And the number one reason for this is usually that you have bad photos. Yes, that is right. Remember buyers are scanning threw hundreds of items and only a handful will stand out. Those are the ones that have good quality photos.

Technological advances seem to have left you behind the race. When you look at your listings, you see images that don't quite stack up in face of the competition. However, all you need is a smartphone and some handy tricks to amplify the quality of your pictures.

1. Don't wait to take your pictures. Even before you begin listing product descriptions, get out the camera. That way, you don't feel rushed to take photos, and you can just pick the best images of the bunch.

2. Make sure that the entire product is in the image. Showing a product with missing parts is likely to deter customers; they want a full sense of what the product looks like, especially when they are purchasing it online.

3. Showing the details of the image is important as well. Zoom in for a few pictures; make sure that you capture all of the details whether they are aesthetic or functional.

4. Taking pictures in the day light will help to bring out the natural colors and assist people in better seeing the item. If you must take pictures at night, make sure that you have the appropriate lighting to do so.

5. Take a couple of minutes just to make sure that your photo has uploaded to the site correctly. You may need to go back and adjust it if the image uploaded upside down or tilted to one side.

Using these tips can help you to get better attention on your listings.

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