Shopping at Yard Sales is a Good Investment

Contributed by: shopdepot
Publish date: October 23th, 2015

Our neighbor hood is well known for good yard sales. Last Saturday, we decided to go to a nearby park to play ball. On the way, we noticed a yard sale sign that was only two blocks from our house so decided to go there instead. I had promised my son we would pick up some toys and felt this was an inexpensive way to keep this promise.

This was an excellent sale. One of the treasures we purchased was an old Polaroid camera, which cost us $2.00. After that, we purchased two chairs, Christmas toys, books, toy cars and a teddy bear. However, the best buy of all was a beautiful bed we purchased for our daughter. It had a Provence Style hand painted headboard and was complete with a mattress and it was in excellent condition. This will allow her to use it for a long time as she grows up.

Many do not know how much money can be saved by shopping yard sales. Often people are just trying to clean out their house to downsize and are getting rid of new or near new things. At another sale, one might find nearly new clothes that someone has outgrown. Expensive things can often be purchased for a dollar or two. This is an excellent way for anyone to stretch their money and still have beautiful things.

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