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Publish date: November 6th, 2015

If you are not Donald Trump or some other millionaire, you probably occasionally find yourself short of money. After emptying your purse, searching through pockets in the clothes closet and other places throughout the house, it is common to come up short of funds. Regardless of whether you are young or old, there are ways to make money that will help alleviate the feeling of absolute panic when there are several days remaining until payday or some other source of income.

1. Using your creative talents is an excellent way to make money. Personally, I happen to know how to sew. By watching the seasons, I am able to create attractive things that people want to purchase. This may be crocheted winter tams, kitchen tea towels with attractive designs, toys or other items. My husband, who has building skills, creates things such as bird houses, wooden toys or practical items such as a rack for holding screwdrivers. You may have a particular artistic talent and can produce paintings, ceramic items or other attractive items. Appropriate pricing is essential if you are going to create a good market. Always keep the possible buyer in mind. The price, for example, would be a great deal different if you were selling at a flea market compared to selling at a downtown mall.

2. Yard and online sales are a good way to raise money while disposing of things you no longer need. Whether it is a bowling ball, a desk you no longer have room for or an ugly purple jacket someone gave you as a present, there is a buyer for everything. Yard sales are fine but unfortunately, as a rule, they are only for a day or two then you have to put what is left back in the house or give it away. The good thing about online sales is that the stuff does not have to be handled until sold and then it is simply a matter of putting it in the mail. However, in most cases it will cost you to list items on a site designed for re-selling unless you get creative.

3. A number of people have found that shopping for quality items that have been marked down and then re-selling them at a markup can result in a good income. However, this requires a great deal of time checking out sales, making purchases and then advertising them online. Stores like Macy's have excellent sales that offer terrific bargains in high quality goods. Other excellent places to shop for bargains are places like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army and other thrift stores. Incredible bargains can be found in these places, many in the original packaging. This includes new clothing complete with price tags, household items in the original boxes and many other bargains. I, personally, was delighted to find three comfortable blue plastic covered rockers priced at $5.00 each. They are in excellent condition and can easily be sold for $50 each. However, they currently make a welcome addition to my patio. If you love to shop, checking out these stores is an excellent way to enjoy yourself and wind up with a profit at the same time.

4. The true entrepreneur is one who never throws anything away unless it is in shreds or is completely mangled. Anything that is mechanical has a use for someone even if the item in question no longer functions. People are always looking for parts that have been discontinued in stores. For example, my son has been away from home for several years but many of his old, broken toys are still around. I could have thrown them all away but happen to see an ad where someone was looking for a motor for an old toy train. I contacted him and made quite a profit on something I would otherwise have discarded. People are looking for parts to repair or reconstruct things such as old computers, VCR's, cameras, toys, household items and a number of other things. They may also be looking for a replacement item, such as a lid, that was broken and is not available through usual channels. I have found the best way to contact people looking for these items is by watching newspaper and online advertisements as well as publications by collectors.

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