Brand new vs used pre-owned fashion clothing

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Publish date: August 11th, 2015

Fashion is endless and ever evolving which makes it very hard and particularly very expensive to keep up to date with it. Many resort to pre-owned fashion clothing for that matter. For some, it is something very odd to wear something that has been worn or used before. However there are people who believe it is nothing wrong, instead a great way to save money, time, effort and also conserve fashion in the best possible way. Why should fashion stay limited to your wardrobes or the ramps of the designers? It can be shared and worn by a number of people too!

Brand new clothes although have their own great benefits apart from being expensive from other. They represent the latest trends and fashion statements with the best designer quality right out of the factory. The smell of new and fresh boots, the aura of a new furry sweater or the pleats of newly purchased skirt are just enough to put you in awe. The freshness and sparkle of the new clothes is what makes you go gaga over them when you see them lying helplessly in a shop. It’s the sweet creases, and the perfectly ironed materials that enhance the beauty of the clothing ten times and makes you fall completely in love with them. The love becomes more like a crazy love affair when you try them on and let those creases fall upon yours and give you a shape and look that you walked out the latest ramp walk of Milan. Well these are some of the pleasures which pre-owned fashion clothing would never be able to give you. You will never have to compromise on the quality, look and aura of the clothing.

On the other hand, buying pre owned fashion clothing is not so bad either. Sometimes you can get very amazing pieces at a much lesser rate and that feeling when you see a new on in the shop, double the price you got yours, is just priceless. It’s a guilty pleasure which surely makes you feel warm to the core! A second hand or used good is one that is purchased or transferred to a second user which is why it is, by no means in the condition it was when bought anew. It’s probably a little worn out and seen the air and dirt even if washed and cleaned thoroughly, but may have roughened to the exposure. The same perfect creases, of a fresh brand new clothes would never be there but then you can always try your ironing skills and master. The good thing however is, that you will get good stuff at a lesser price. You can also get those outfits which you rarely need like costumes or vintage clothing.

Anyhow, both brand new clothing and pre owned clothing are different ways of adopting fashion and are means to one common end, fashion. Fashion, as mentioned earlier is evolving, ever changing and never complicated. So ladies don’t go overboard in spending, you can always do a little pre owned clothing shopping and still manage to look amazing!

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It's my real lifestyle, author could be know me)
Very true words! I will never buy a new expensive dress, if I can buy a almost new in three times cheaper!